that’s the name of the show i’m currently catching up on. i watched the first two episodes back in August and then forgot about it - but it was STR freeleech, so now i’m watching it again! :D

i spent most of the day working on a couple of new songs. i won’t really be able to work on music for a week or so, my schedule is looking pretty full. i have to study quite a bit tomorrow for my philosophy exam on monday. then monday i’ll have to study for my latin exam on tuesday. then the rest of the week i’ll be at home doing things with my family and friends for thanksgiving. but hey, other than monday and tuesday, the week should be quite awesome! :D

on a completely unrelated topic, MY CHECK STILL ISN’T FUCKING HERE. i’m seriously going to go postal (haha, get it?). frreal though. i want my fucking money (so i can turn it into apple products, music equipment and jimmy johns). 

and i leave you with this: